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Rental Application

Rental Application


What is the difference between a rental application and a lease agreement?

  • A rental application, is a form, that requests preliminary information about the potential tenant.
  • The application requests information about all tenants, including former residences, tax identification numbers and monthly income.
  • The application is a screening form, that does not, guarantee you the apartment.
  • The lease contains all details about the rental, including the term (such as six months or a year)
    • The amount of rent due each week or month.
    • The duties of the landlord and also, basic rules that you must follow as the new tenant.
  • When a landlord gives you a lease to sign, excellent, that means the apartment is yours.
Lease Agreement

Lease agreement


Can I negotiate the terms of my lease agreement?

Yes, you can negotiate the terms of your lease agreement. Here are some tips to help you negotiate your lease agreement:

  • Make sure the timing is right.
  • Respect the landlord’s rules (policies) first before you start with your negotiations.
  • Don’t be greedy in your negotiation requests.
  • Remember that negotiations are two-sided, therefore everyone benefits.
  • Rent is not the only thing you can negotiate. For instance, parking.

Here are some tips on how to negotiate your lease agreement: 6 Tips to Negotiating Your Lease Agreement.


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What happens if I break a lease agreement?

If you break a lease agreement, you may face the following consequences:

  • Hefty fines: Signing a lease means agreeing to pay a certain amount, in exchange, for occupancy over a specified time. When you break the lease, you may attract fines, which may equal one or two months’ rent.
  • Face lawsuit: If your landlord is litigious, you could get sued for early termination of lease.
  • Negative credit scores: Breaking a lease could hurt your credit score.


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